Urgent Documents:

2016 CoC Application FL517 Final (pdf)

Final Priority Ranking FL517 2016 CoC (pdf)

Final Project Section/Priority Listing September 9, 2016 (doc)

2016 Heartland CoC Final Scoring Result Certification (pdf)

Heartland Coalition for the Homeless RFP Results Posting (pdf)

Order of Priority FL 517 Based on CoC Survey Results (doc)

HCCH RFP 2016 COC Application 1 (doc)

Housing First Fact Sheet (pdf)

RFP Reference Sheet - 2016 (doc)

Heartland Coalition RFP for Challenge Grant (doc)

Heartland 2016 CoC Process (doc)

2016 Priority Ranking FL 517 July 2016 Continuum of Care Meeting (doc)

Making a Difference

Highlands County Coalition for the Homeless is the lead agency in a Continuum of Care supporting six counties in Central Florida. We support various service providers through education, coordination, and hands-on help as we serve homeless and at-risk individuals. Each person in our community makes a difference.

It is easy to overlook how much a person's daily life impacts our community. Whether one shops in local businesses, visits a physician, participates in a house of worship, volunteers at a child's school, or pays rent to a local landlord- the contributions just one person makes are nearly incalculable. We help prevent and end homelessness so that individuals may continue or resume positive contributions to our community.

Homelessness Is Everywhere

Homelessness transcends race, gender, age, family status and educational background. It is a reality for urban, mid-sized and rural communities. Often, when one thinks of homelessness, he/she recalls past trips to large cities, but smaller communities are struggling, too. As many as seven in ten Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness.

Homeless people are not a monolith. A "one size fits all" solution does not exist.

We partner with service providers in our region, and are seeking to assist even more. No service organization is right for EVERY individual seeking assistance, but through cooperation and teamwork, homelessness is often preventable. With support, it is reversable. There are numerous opportunities to assist those in need, or help us do so. Join with us to end homelessness and create a beautiful, welcoming, and prosperous Central Florida.